Monday, 25 August 2014

I Nominate.... Coops, Bettina and Lorraine

Well hello! Now I am really hoping that Mr blogger plays nice because I have scheduled this post because today is the start of my holiday! and I am not back at my craft desk until the 11th September ekkkkkkkk! 

You may have seen the Creative Bloggers Hop popping up around blogland.  It's a continuous hop every Monday with a host of creative and inspirational bloggers taking part.  

I received an email from 1 of my bestest blogging friends Annette and I was quite taken aback because I don't feel I a inspirational to others really But Annette asked me if I'd like to take part in the Creative hops, I did not need to think for long as I was so excited to be asked I blurted out YES right away and then as soon as I hit send I thought to myself
That’s a lot of writing and potentially lots of errors!
Being dyslexic is all part of my creative side but to much typing freaks me out!

If you're not familiar with Annette then make sure you pay her a visit I know you will want to follow her blog you will love her new found love for C&S style and she’s brilliant at colouring with distress inks too! And not only is she crafty she is a fabulous friend and we have come to share many things in and out of blogging… gardening, baking just wish we lived closer together!

So thank you for choosing me Annette... even if it is a wee bit scary for me!

Ok so this is the fun part, as I have been nominated I have to answer 4 questions:

What Am I Working On At The Moment?

Well right now I am working on some crochet… I have 2 on the go a fox and also a monkey I can show you a little photo of each but right now they don’t look very good…

Also I am trying to improve my colouring of skin and hair with spectrum noir pens.

I seem to have my fingers in lots of pies and always have far to many things on simmer…

I am also practicing my bread baking skills and have been trying my hand at ciabatta bread, on top of that my normal card making. But Oh come on you know me there is always a little but…
and there is always a little time to create a panettone :) 

I am also trying to crochet mini heart buntings and matching cards to sell on Etsy.

How Does My Work Differ From Others In My Genre?
Gosh that’s a hard question…. Erm.. my honest answer is I don't know I struggle to see in my cards what others praise… I don't think I do anything unique I am more of a follower than trendsetter… however I do like to try different things and quite often just sit and colour or play with distress inks and see where they take me.

Why Do I Create What I Do?
Well it all started many years ago when my stepson gave me a handmade birthday card I was so taken with it I wondered how easy it would be to make a few of my own to send.. I went to the local craft shop and bought a few bits and bobs, the problem was/is I have become addicted, But I am very lucky at that time I worked as a Nursery school teacher and loved that job but I had been in that profession for a number of years… I used to pop in to the craft shop 2 or 3 times a week and after a few months became friends with the owner often when orders arrived I helped her unpack she would price things and I would hang things up…. She was amazed at how I could find spaces for things she could not put away and after a while I would go just to help…. About 1 year passed and she asked me to work for her! Well I had to think about that for………………. 2 minutes!
YES!!!!!!!!!!!! So I handed my notice and started working for her… that’s 7½ years ago! Why? I LOVE IT!  Now I work in the shop 3-4 days a week… the other days I bake and keep our animals (chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and guinea pigs) I also have an allotment and home cook. I guess to sum up my favourite type of crafting is Stamping, colouring and distress inks, but I can not live without crochet, home cooking and baking my animals and our allotment I LOVE it.

4.  How Does Your Creative Process Work?
Well I guess like most I make for occasions or Shop Samples and I tie in Design team challenge creations too!  I mostly start with the image and then find papers or things I want to use with it the papers or other things usually dictate the colours, unless a challenge theme calls for a certain colour or style.

So that is all my questions answered
It’s now time for me to nominate and introduce a few crafters who have long inspired me.

Their own ‘Creative Bloggers Hop’ posts are due to be published next  Monday, 1st September, but you can pop over to see some of their gorgeous creations before then.  

Who and Why?

I love the way you colour and your shading is so inspiring! I also love your use and fondness for woodware stamps,  I totally admire your cards and love all the elements you use, your cards and creations are always so beautifully thought out and put together, I only wish I had the same ability to make all the elements you use work on my cards,

I have to praise you in several areas firstly I want to say I LOVE your ability to take on any image and work with it and make it special adding your own twist in a magical way, I love that you also try all sorts of creations and shaped boxes and cards. I want to say thank you for always being around... someone always to talk to and listen. and love that you are on 2 of my Design teams ABC Christmas and Top Tip Tuesday challenge your a great asset!

 We have known each other a good many years and I really admire your creations, Every creation you make you put your whole heart too from pretty to fussy and C&S your style is so varied, and I also really value you as a friend too. I also appreciate your work and support on ABC Christmas challenge, I also love that you use a huge range of different mediums to create.

Hope you had a fun read and you visit my 3 nominated friends soon
hugs and have a great week! I know I will.


  1. Thanks for sharing your "Crafty" life with us Samantha. Can't wait to see the monkey and fox complete!! xx

  2. A fabulous journey Samantha, and I've really enjoyed reading it. I love how you got your job, and your colouring with the Spectrum Noir is amazing. Fab card, and the little crochet hearts are so sweet. Thanks for participating and you've picked some fab nominees for the next round.

  3. Lovely finding out a bit more about you, although one little bit has got a tad concerned lol I'm sure your guinea pigs are safe and sound but....."home cooking and baking my animals and" you really bake your animals? lol

    Margaret xx


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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