Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Its so hard to read.........

Oh my please consider turning this word verification off!
when you have this on your blogs! I think twice about commenting as I spend about 10 minutes 
clicking the refresh button until I find something I can read!


  1. Hi Samantha
    It looks like "2224 nnareng" when I zoom in. Without zooming in it is an unbearable strain on my eyes never mind working out what it actually says.
    I hope I proved I am not a robot (LOL) xx

  2. lol!!! I KNOW! thehehe :)
    and I can confirm you are..... NOT a robot! tehhe xx

  3. I really struggle to read these and I don't need glasses for the computer! I'm definitely not a robot either .... yesterday's dental filling is still aching :o)
    I hope everyone who reads this REALLY considers using comment moderation as it's easy to get rid of the spam that way too.
    Helen x

  4. I can only say one thing!!I HATE word verification. It is so bloody stupid when challenge blogs that says you should write something when you link up have them too.. bloody annoying....

  5. After a couple of attempts I usually give up. I actually think the example you've pictured is not one of the bad ones (I think!!!) but some are just so bad I have no idea what they say. I'm definitely with you on this one honey.

  6. I have the same problem!


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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