Monday, 22 October 2012

Allsorts do you play? wanna DT?

Good morning friends, followers
and people that stumbled upon my blog!
I was entering my card this morning at Allsorts Challenge Blog and spotted they are having a DT call which starts today and finishes 4th November... Now I will be going away soon so thought I would have a try out for it! as most of my regular visitors know I am on a few teams already but I just LOVE playing at Allsorts and could not resist trying out!

so here's what they require
A regularly crafter that join in at Allsorts 
1. Post 3 cards that you have entered into Allsorts challenges and a little bit about each one (you could include which challenges you entered them for if you got a top 5 place etc) in a new post on your blog.
2. We would like you to tell us a bit about yourselves.
3. We would like you to tell us why you want to be a member of the Allsort's DT.
4. Pop the link for the post on their Mr Linky.


Ready! now this is tricky as I have enter quite a lot of their challenges so picking just 3 is tough, also I have entered quite a few Non card entries too! but if you add Allsorts challenges to my search bar you can see ALL the things I have entered to their challenge!
1. Here are the 3 I have chosen
Allsorts - Free and Easy - July 2011
This card was for my Stepson & Wife (before they were Married)
for a new home card, I have stamped several different images in a montage effect and also used distress inks and paint, highlighted different areas and hand written on this one too!.

Allsorts - Any Die Will Do - June 2012
I LOVE making Christmas cards and so this one was fun to make I was also trying out crackle paint and have heat embossed too!
once again Distress inks being a large part of the fun I had.

Allsorts - Inspired by a song - September 2012
Using up scraps is a continuous battle but I have started doing more of it recently and this card was using some pieces that I would not have used normally, also I enjoyed masking on this card and paper distressing. 

Oh my there are quite a few more!
and my Incy Wincy post today is also in their challenge too! so scroll down for that!

2. A little about me!
I am 43! but for the last 2 years I have been going in reverse so next year I will be 39 and the year after that I will be 38!
think I will stop when I hit 35! that's a great age to be! haha 
and so on you get the picture...
I craft EVERY day! haha! and also work for a GREAT boss Sandra as Penrith Crafts
hence the blog title! I have been Married nearly 2½ years to the BEST man in the world!
he loves me and all my crafting also he fully supports all my choices!
I am learning to Crochet, speak and read Italian, and my Mum is teaching me to make my own clothes I can sew and do often on cards but I want to make clothes like she does she is super Awesome at sewing and also is an avid crafter... making all sorts of things
I guess I got my passion for making things for her and also my grandparents!

I have a 15 year old son and 2 Stepsons All 3 lads are the best!
A multitude of animals - Chickens, ducks, Geese, Guinea pigs and Rabbits, I also have a huge passion for cooking and baking, and there are many things on my blog about that too!
I am also Dyslexic but I think I manage that ok!
by being organised and fairly tidy!
even to the degree of being a clean freak on the DT's I am on!
if its not needed I delete it! haha!
I think I do ok! Being Dyslexic is hard work but manageable!
Hmmmm! and Also I should tell them I have a fab sense of humour and anyone that knows me will also tell them I will do anything but that! haha!

Ok so 3. Why I want to be on their DT member
Well I love a challenge or 2,3,4,5

and I love playing their theme's are always great! and they inspire me to play... I also love ALLSORTS of things!
I could not resist sneaking this little chap in! I love him so much he was a great effort and also a project I shared at Allsorts!

I think I maybe bring to their challenge something different from what they have, ie the things I made for that are also not just cards and such! Its really difficult to say why I would like to join other that I have a HUGE passion for craft and love to share and chat with friends and fellow crafters and joining their team would I think be a BLAST!

So all that's left for me to say is WISH me luck!
and have a GREAT day!

hugs me x


  1. Hi Samantha
    Wishing you luck! Not that you are going to need it because your creations are super FANTASTIC and inspirational to everyone.
    I have everything crossed for you.
    Michaela xx

  2. Sending you happy wishes with your entry for the DT Samantha! I loved all the cards you selected for your entries. But, most of all, I love your enthusiasm for life and your sense of humor. Your smiles that you share are priceless and make the world a happy place!

  3. Oh for cryin' out loud..I just wanna hug you! I knew all these things, but reading it again, just makes me so happy to know you! You are a terrific lady and such an inspiration in your attitude, work ethics and your crafting. I wish you ALL the best and truly hope you are selected at Allsorts. 'Cause you "all sorts" of coolness!! ;)
    hugs to you Samantha!
    P.s...I'll be hitting you up in a bit with a owe me! Hee hee
    Lisa xxx

  4. Hi Samantha. I just saw your entry into the Allsorts Dt. Good luck from your newest follower xx Hugs Em x

  5. Good Luck Samantha with the DT call.
    Your cards and creations are always wonderful and truly inspiring and you would be a great asset to the team.
    Not only that you are a lovely, generous and friendly lady and often make me laugh!!

    Big good luck hugs

  6. Hi Samantha,

    That makes two of us going in reverse then, I'm back at 39 and holding fast,very very fast !

    I remember some of your entries and especially that cute multicoloured bunny.

    Thanks so much for showing interest in our DT call and good luck with it.

    Meanwhile have a great holiday.

    B x

  7. You are so funny Samantha lol. I loved reading your post and they'd be absolutely crazy not to choose you. Your submissions are beautiful and I love your monkey!!! Is he adorable or what! I learned alot about you and I knew you had chickens, ducks and a few others but you actually have a menagerie of animals which is way cool. I like baking too and we'll have to swap recipes sometime. :) As for the DT's you're on, I have to tell ya I think you do a terrific job on TTT! It is highly organised and all of us know exactly what to do and when. ;) Remember, you DA BOMB lol.
    Love ya,

  8. Hi Samantha
    Thanks for showing interest in our DT at Allsorts. You have picked some gorgeous makes to showcase.
    Good luck hun.
    Have a fabulous holiday.
    Debs xx

  9. What a wondeful application Samantha. Love the projects you've chosen for their DT call and I wish you the very best of luck. I really think they should pick you, you are a great teamie with such diverse crafting skills and a great sense of humour too. Love ya;) Hugs Bettina xx

  10. Wishing you all the best of luck, Samantha; you rock!!
    Awesome creations by the way...
    hugs Dorte

  11. What a fab post Samantha, good like with the DT, A new follower.
    crafty hugs


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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