Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wow - Versatile Blogger Award

I was awarded a blog award a few days ago by Michaela a huge thank you to her she is a fabulous follower and I really look forward to her comments! Thank you for all your support and visits its lovely to receive your fabulous comments!
We all love comments and its lovely to receive comments from you if your just dropping by...
As apart of the award I am asked to nominate 15 blogs
that I have recently discovered or follow regularly.
Michaela - I know I am re nominating you hunny but WOW!! that Quilling is AWESOME!
Feline Playful - What a BRILLIANT Place! Everyone needs Feline playful!!
Thank you so much girls!!!
What to find a fabby Challenge?
Elizabeth - Stunning colouring and fabulous Tips & Ideas.
Bettand - Beautiful colouring and has mastered Hair! so much to see and inspire.
Krista - Clever creative and awesome artist, LOVE reading your blog
Debby - fabulous colouring and inspirational decoupaging stamped images.
Tracey - fantastic designs so many awesome ideas.
Lisa - fun & witty always a fun Read clever creations that inspire.
Kate - fabulous creator and a pleasure to visit plenty to read and enjoy looking at.
Lacey - So creative, beautiful coordination of embellishments, and fun creations too.
Lilyrose 2
Helen - - Awesome Crafter so versitile and lovely blog always a pleasure to visit.
Delphine - Her colouring and shading is like WOW!!! fabulous creations totally inspiring.
Dorte - So creative and every onch of love put into every creations, front, inside and back - wow!
Annette - Super cute and oh so many creative designs, a great eye for colours.
Desire - Fabulous creations and awesome Photographer too, such a pleasure!
OMG! I have another 50 people I would love to award this badge too! but the rules are 15!
but please note if your name is not above and I visit your blog its because I love you and your blog too!
happy Thursday hugs me xx
I have tried to say something about why I like all your blogs but if I wrote all I felt this post would take a week to write! but I also added a photo of their awesome creations too!
My 7 things about me
  1. I hate being called Sam!
  2. My 2 wedding anniversary is in July and I married my best Friend.
  3. Cooking is my Passion after Crafting of course!
  4. I have been known to miss lunch while crafting.
  5. I waste far to much time at my PC... I need 8 more hours daily, so I don't feel guilty wasting time sat at my PC.
  6. I recently discovered Pinterest! Follow Me on Pinterest
  7. I LOVE MY JOB! @ Penrith Crafts please visit if your ever in Penrith Cumbria :0)
Hugs Samantha

Award rules
"If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award"
· Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
· Include a link to their blog.
· Select 15 blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly
· Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award .
· Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. 


  1. Thank you so much Samantha, I am honoured receiving this award from someone so talented as you.

  2. Thank you Samantha;) This is such an honour. I will have to make a post later today for it. Can't wait to give it to some awsome ladies I know;) Hugs Bettina xx

  3. Lovely post Samantha. Massive thanks for nominating me too. I am thrilled to bits again.
    Michaela xx

  4. My gosh! It's like a little bit o' heaven on your blog, all this amazing talent...WOW!!!!!
    Thank you so much Sam....LOL! I'm kidding...Samantha. Hee hee. You've always been an inspiration to me!
    Lisa xxx
    LOL...sorry, still giggling,don't hate me :D

  5. oh Samantha you are so sweet thank you so much, and actually thrilled that you also showcased Michaela's gorgeous work, isn't it stunning, have already posted about this award, if it is okay with you can I just add a quick post thanking you and then direct them to the previous?? hope you will be okay with this
    Hugs Kate xx

  6. Oh wow, thanks so much honey. I'm blushing! LOL You're so sweet and I'm humbled that you like my designs. The feeling is most definitely mutual and I love that you're so versatile with your designs. Thanks honey, you're the bestest!!!


  7. Hi Samantha, thanks so much for your kind words and your nomination.
    I love to cooperate with you and all the other girls I have 'met' the last two years.

    I've made the decision that I will keep my blog free of any awards. I hope you understand my point of view and not finding me too strange

    But I'll give you a big hug instead.

  8. Oh thank you, Samantha, I am really touched and totally blushing!!! Thanks for your kind words, and for choosing me:-)! Congratulations on your award too, and on choosing 15 people, it must have been VERY hard, I am very very bad at that! Have a lovely evening, thank you so much again, well, for everything:-) BIG hugs Delphine xx

  9. aw, you are so sweet!!! i am honored and happy to be put in such good company!! These bloggers have fantastic sites!!

    Thanks again lovely! Have a fab Friday:)!


  10. Samantha you are the sweetest! Thank you! Happy Friday!

  11. Look in my blog. I've awarded you back:) Hugs Bettina xx

  12. Awww...thanks hunny - so sweet of you! :0)
    Am I allowed to give it back to you? lol
    Helen x

  13. I'm completely flattered! Thanks so much Samantha! Very sweet of you! Please, allow me some time to get a thank you post up and think of 7 things to say about! :D

    xx Tracey xx

  14. Hi Samantha, Thanks for your shout-out to Feline Playful, the whole team really appreciates it!


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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