Sunday, 1 January 2012

Favourite Projects of 2011

Debby and all I know its meant to be 5 but hey I could not choose just 5 so I managed to get it down to 7 everyday cards!

Ok so I said 7 cards but then there were lots of projects I was so happy with too!
I just had to include this Altered Bottle

And well My Mum and Dad love their Christmas card soooo much

Then there was the recycled toilet rolls

 I know you have only just seen them but I love these alternatives to Crackers that everyone loved when they were brave enough to open them! they were all so funny not wanting to ruin them :0)
 Oh and the little men!

No I know I posted a few weeks back about Duck Duck Goose?
do you remember! I was going to tell you the story about us getting a new Goose for our Lonely Gander...

Ok well this is the story but I will try to keep it short and sweet..
This is our 4 year old Gander... I call him Goose!

Early Spring 2011 His partner (Female Goose) died very suddenly.
So we managed to get 6 Goose eggs from a local Rescue Centre
(they did not have any single females)

So a few weeks later we incubated some and 4 hatched one died just after hatching 
another one got stuck in the shell so I hand hatched it and we had it under a heat lamp
poor little thing

 But a few touch and go days later I had a litttle helper!
 Another few weeks and settling in with the others but still loves cuddles

Summer 2010 we had 3 Healthy young Geese
This is the one that was on my lap still very friendly and happy,
However they problem is all 3 are Males (OH NO!!!)

So we found all 3 new homes where they are doing Really really well,
However we still did not have a female!
So sad that we were we tried to find a female.

I was so happy when I got a phone call a few weeks ago a close friend found us 2 geese
Well so we thought!
When we arrived we were greeted by 2 piglets..
Well in the guys defence young female pigs that have not been pregnant are called Gilts!
still funny mind as the bloke had spent several hours chasing them around a field to catch them for us!

So we were upset that our poor Gander still did not have a female I spent a whole week ringing around trying to find a female my Husband was asking all the people that he knew kept birds for eggs for where he works
and one afternoon in November we were given a phone number of someone that just might know someone that had geese!
Soooooo the short of it is he did know someone and we had to wait for him to collect her and 3½ weeks later on the 23rd of December we collected her
isn't she lovely!
When the weather is a bit better and the sun is shining I will get a lovely picture of her with Goose!
hugs me x


  1. that IS the best picture I've seen all year of you and your little helper! I'm not sure when I'll stop laughing, thinking about that poor fella chasing the piglets down for you though. Hahahahaha...what a hoot!

  2. Aww she is lovely ... though your little helper was adorable too ! Love your card selection for 2011 and fab projects :-)
    Pauline x

  3. What a stunning collection Samantha and love the goosey tale and look forward to seeing a pic of the two together.
    Thanks for joining in with My Favourite cards of 2011.


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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