Monday, 29 August 2011

Getting back to normal

Well your supposed to go on holiday to relax!
Yeah right!

we had a great time but sheeeesh! what a mad 2nd week and the events of our return even more so....

I hear all the time it happens in 3's but this last week and a bit its been more like 23!

Anyway I have been asked by a couple of pal's that don't have Face book to see some pictures from our trip and my hubby's nieces wedding.

hear goes...

Celebration plate ready to be smashed

My nails ready to go

The groom bringing his bride her bouquet

My boys ready and waiting

 I'm ready too

Francesca the bride ready to get hitched

That's it their married! YAY!! congrats!!!

What a beautiful wedding and fun day!

The celebration 

The Cake! which was not a cake but a almond caramelised sugar basket of flowers!
and some presents and favours

Merry from laughter and fun!
Took my glasses of for that one! tehhheee

Hope you like the pictures....

OK a quick reminder if your still here...

Top Tip Tuesday Challenge - Tomorrow Tuesday.
ABC Christmas Challenge - Wednesday.

And mark in your Diary 
Top Tip Tuesday Birthday Bash
6th Sept - Top Tips 1st Birthday Bash!
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