Friday, 18 March 2011

WOW Friday again!

I always remember saying "oh I can't wait for my summer holidays or I can't wait for Christmas!" and now the days fly by so fast I want them to slow down! No chance!
all I want now is 12 more hours in the middle of each day! I might have some hope of catching my own tail some day then....

OK so being its Friday its Stamp Fairy Friday and the Girls on the Release Team have made some fantastic samples using this mega cute new collection called Betsy, too cute hu!
well you can find her here Critters Betsy

OK now I am sure I have this right this time with the Less is More  challenge One Layer Card - Off the Edge., tehhehehe! I stuffed it up on the card I made the other day as I put some embossed lines on it!  WELL! I put nothing on these ones thehehehee :0) hope there ok?

Stamped in memento and coloured with whisper pens,
5 miniute makes!
Hmmmm I think I have been doing something wrong,
I normally spend a good couple of hours on each card and these 2 cards
took 10 minutes! doh!
Cake anyone?

Happy Friday
hugs Samantha :0)


  1. Cute cards! They look delicious!

  2. I'm loving the second card...the extra cherries are a great addition!

  3. these are great,thanks for the comment on my blog,x

  4. Hi Samantha,
    Thanks for another submission... and no scored lines in sight!
    These are cute cards, watch out for our new challenge from 8am tomorrow!
    "Less is More"

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Samantha these are just FAB
    I love these, specially the first one
    Thanks for 2 great submissions
    Great to see you as always
    "Less is More"
    Deleted my other comment, due to typo!!

  7. Super cards, how can you make something this good in 5 minutes! Lol.

  8. Perfect cards Samantah :D both yummy but i lurvs the second on with the extra cherries.

    hope you are well

    Ali x

  9. Mmmmm Yummy cupcakes. Love the second one it looks so delicious. x


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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