Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No cards today...... but.... busy busy busy and a Crafting Question for you!

I have been mega busy again on my day off! teehehee I know I am lucky having Mondays off...
But I have not stopped again today we have had 9 Chicks hatch I took them eggs off the incubator last night and took them up to the allotment so put under my broody hen as she lost the first lot of eggs she had. The eggs started chipping yesterday afternoon so I knew they were going to hatching by today.....
I gave her 11 eggs and 9 have hatched one was doa and the other is under another broody hen as once the majority hatch they get off the eggs so to give the last one a chance to hatch its under a different hen and I will check it tomorrow.

Then I have spent along time digging over an area of the new allotment, there was a blackcurrent bush quite near the back so we have fenced off a section and I am going to have a little fruit and veg area so hoping this time the ducks wont eat it all! thehehee!! its a higher fence this time :0)

We did not have our own allotment until now we shared with our friend Antonio, now we both have an allotment so we will now look after each others..... as mentioned we dug a huge hole over the weekend as we have a pond coming for the ducks, the shed is up and the partition is nearly finished.

so we are getting there....

Went to the barn yesterday and well look how much these to girls have grown! thehehee

also look what else I found 
Cute or what!!! tehhehee

OK so now on the a crafting question
Do you know what this is? and what I am going to make with it?
Leave your answers in my comments please
I will put the correct answers into a hat and choose a winner
of a little surprise :0)

And if you have not stopped by our ABC Christmas challenge K for kissing why not? thehehee :0)


  1. Well it looks like a roll of lace/ribbon but it has been made into a flower if not who ever rolled it has a talent they are un aware of. Great pics and gosh they have grown.

  2. a roll of border strip like a paper lace one
    cute kittens

  3. Hi Samantha
    love all the photos. My Mum rang and asked me " Who is Samantha?". .... They were so thrilled to receive your get well card. It REALLY did cheer them. They said a BIG THANKYOU
    Now about your crafty quiz photo. I think it is a roll of the thicker glue dots!
    Have a great day
    Love sarah XXX

  4. Hellllooooo!! I'm so sorry I haven't been by for soooo long. Does you forgives me?? How sweet are all the cuties on this post. Your allotment sounds fab too. Hope you are well and organised for the Wedding :D Huge hugs and humble apologies Ali x

  5. Hi - Just found you from Chrissie's blog (Simply one of a kind)... Anyway - is your mystery object curtain tape - and are you going to make flowers with it LOL

    Love all your little animals - those cats are adorable... good luck with the pond - we kept ducks when I was a teenager at home - they are such characters and can be so domesticated!!! We had one who used to knock on the back door with his beak!!!

    Good luck with the rest of the hatchlings

    Paula x x x

  6. I forgot to answer! I would say some paper ribbon, but that's probably wrong!!! Hugs Delphine xx


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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