Sunday, 25 April 2010

Learning to Crochet

Hi all I have been wanting to learn to crochet for a long time but could never seem to find the time to sit at it and really try and learn the stitches...... I have had my Nan's crochet hook that my Mum gave me for some year now and yet there was never a spare few hours to try.... every time I looked at the crochet books I would get confused by all the abbreviation's and well to be quite honest give up.....                                   

Until a couple of weeks ago I was bored as I could not craft as in cards and Scrap booking and also just sitting at the PC was an issue soooooooooo one day while I was at work I said to Sandra (my boss) I was gonna give it another try and so bought a ball of yummi Adriafil Italian wool call duo plus in this scrummy multicolour 52% pure merino wool 48% pure cotton its sooo nice to work with I just had to buy some.

Anyway I decided to try my hand at a flower and as had failed so badly with the books I tried U tube this one was really good....... and played about for several hours and made this...

So having looked at loads of different videos I took the plunge and followed one and created a couple of flowers as I enjoyed it so much I tried to find a book that I could learn more of the stitches but could not find any good ones well good for me that is as I am dyslexic so following a pattern with abbreviations! ARGH! tehehehee anyway I managed to find a magazine in smiths and yay it has pictures of the stitches too! and soooo I spend several hours trying and undoing and re doing the same few stitches until I managed to follow it quite a long way and then kept getting stuck... but with the patience and determination I have managed to make this.....

So their you have it my efforts.... what next! I seem to have developed a taste for this and my 13year old son has informed me that I am getting OLD! argh!  Then I went back to trying to follow one of the patterns in the magazine and after a few days of doing it and undoing it I maneged this

I am really pleased but as you can see my tention is a little all over the place but I guess that will improve with time.

Ok so I here is a sneak peek at my next project... I am going to try and make something with this gorgeous Rico Essentials 100% Cotton which is Double knit and its soooooo soft and the colours are beautiful we have now got 25 colours and well I wanted to buy a couple but you know what its like you can not just get 2 so tehehehee I got 4 and also a smaller crochet hook as the one mum gave me (nans) is a 4mm so I bought a 3mm as the 4 was to big for this cotton....

so I have rambled enough for today all that is left to say is watch this space.... and I can't wait to have a try....... sad hu? tehhheeee
have a great weekend hugs Samantha


  1. Well done, Samantha! This is beautiful! You do not seem to be a beginner! Knitting, stitching and crocheting are great hobbies, so relaxing! And I think sitting and resting is good for you ... :-)! I will be watching this space to see if you get even better :-)! Big hugs Delphine xx

  2. great to pick up a new craft Samantha. they look lovely.

  3. Wow.....I am impressed! They both look fab. Cant wait to see what you make next....
    Kaz xx

  4. Wow Samantha you are doing well. I expect once you master it it will be very relaxing. Cathy xxxx

  5. te heheee thanks girls just wish I could be well! got a rotten virus!

  6. I can't believe that is your first crochet flower Samantha - it is gorgeous, love the colours!!! Thank you for your lovely comments and sorry I made you be naughty and buy Henry LOL can't wait to see what you make with him! hugs, Jane xx

  7. did I miss these...they're fab Samantha! I love your multicoloured flower!
    Helen x

  8. Wow Samantha, your crocheting is gorgeous - love the flower. I've got that magazine but never dared have a go so a big thank you for the inspiration. I'll give it a try at the weekend. Just had a little wander around your blog, your work is beautiful and those little ducklings - awwwwww so cute
    Claire xx

  9. Well, you are OLD now bird! Wicked flower and panel hun, really impressed (says she who can only crochet in rows) - you might even tempt me to give it another try (have half a sheep upstairs in the cupboard intended for blanket no. 2), you'll have to let me know what magazine it was you got. Good on ya sweetie! Hugs, Sxxx

  10. Hi Samantha
    did you say you were a beginner?!!!!! I have been crocheting since I was 10 and I can only do circles and squares!. I CAN'T read a pattern at all. You have done excellently. Well done
    Love sarah XXX


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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