Wednesday, 24 February 2010

NEC and the highlight for me was TIM Holtz and Claudine Hellmuth... OMG I am on Tim's blog!

I had brilliant time at the trade show at the NEC but gosh its very tiring and Sandra and I were totally worn out as we drove down leaving here at 6am and not getting home again until nearly 11pm

The things that caught my eye were! TIM!!!!!! tehehhee and after that! 
there are some great new spellbinder dies coming out soon and the Ranger products Tim and Claudine are launching are really up my street...
and Sizzix are also Launching a Tim Holtz range which should be brilliant as they will also fit the Cuttlebug too! YAY! Can't wait to have a good look at his new book too! God watching him in action I was just in ore!
He demonstrated how he made the grunge paper flowers talk about awesome! some products I want to get my mitts on are some more 
grunge paper, Rock Candy Crackle Paint and distress stickles, and some of Claudines products like the Matte and Gesso Medium and also the sticky back canvas.... watch this space but not before Lent is over PBFC girls! 

Sooooo being daft as I am I forgot my camera but as luck would have it I met a really nice girl while I was watching Tim in ore and chatting to him like I had always known him! he is a truly inspiring person and soooo friendly its amazing, anyway the girl I met I cheekly asked if she would take a picture for me and she said yes!! YAY!!! thanks RAZ your a star!!

soooo here are the pictures Raz took for me...
This is one of Tim's amazing samples boards I had this in my hands! 
gave me a hot flush....

 This is Tim's box that he got from a flee market and he uses it to put his trinkets etc in! it was well admired.
 This is one of the tags he demonstrated with the Rock Candy Crackle Paint, Stamping with acrylic daubers and using them as a resist, and the awesome grunge paper rose! and my ever favourite distress tool
and my good old favourite glossy accents.
This is me OMG! he has his arm round me!! teheheheeee!!
and this is me holding the tag Tim made just for me with extra Rock Candy distress stickles on teehehe as I really liked them! He asked me what I like in the new range and he used the items on my tag!

Now I should say there was lots of other great new products too!
and we have some nice new wool coming too! from Italy
and and and.... 

But... Tim Holtz stole the show!

 Edit: 22.57 - 24th Feb!
 I have just seen myself on Tim's blog!
OMG!  check out the post another day in the uk...
I am in the 2nd picture on the right handside!
tehehheee Oh super excited! tehhehee :)


  1. OMG sooooo jealous. If I'd you were going i would have told my cards were on the La Pashe stand. Sounds like you had a blast honey but eh don't let your other half see that picci before the wedding lol. Mwah.

  2. lucky girl...that tag is gorgeous!
    Helen x

  3. Sooo funny - and the smile on your face!!! Priceless!


  4. Thanks girls you don't know how lucky I feel!! never thought I would get to see him let alone chat and have my picture taken but a tag too! and on his blog! tehehehee!! YAY!! and Ruthie!
    kid is a sweet shop look on my face! :0) theehhhee

  5. Oh bird! You are such a trollop LOL!!!! Not that I am a teensy bit jealous - nah, no, of course not. Now, where is my green skin concealer ...... Lovin' hugs, Squirrel xxxx

  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaa a trollop! Tut! dear me!! you will be the green eyed monster if you carrry on!...... hunny you can look at the tag when your here in the summer! BUT.... not letting you touch it you might pinch it! te hheeee! think it will be behind glass by then! te hehhe hahahhaa! don't want it getting dusty or worn out from the stroking Grin! THE TAG!! tut!

  7. What a lucky girl you are hun. I am truly jealous. Cathy xxxxx

  8. Hi Samantha
    How amazing. I have just checked yoUr blog as you have entered my blog candy and there it was a picture of you with Tim. And you remembered that he had a good look at my flowers. So I wasn't imagining it!!!!! I just then went onto my blog to see if there were any comments and I read this one of yours. What a small world. Will you be at the NEC in March?. I am demoing for Hotshotcrafts then. If you are there you must come over and say hello
    We must definitely keep in touch
    Love sarah XXX

  9. Oh how lucky are you I would have gone weak at the knees !! lol if I wasn't married to the lovely Garry I think I could easily fall for the dishy T!m ............talking of Garry I am very lucky to have a crafting husband so I can't complain!! lol
    Still jealous you met T!m and I didn't !! he he
    Hugs Susie xx

  10. fabulous photo's Samantha :-) I think the whole of blogland is envious of you :-) What a fabulous experience ! and to have a tag made by TIM !! oohhh ,,,!!! :-)

    Lols x x x


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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