Saturday, 6 February 2010

I need cheering up

My lovely Indian male Runner duck died last night early hours of this morning he was a really lovely boy!
I am very sad he has gone as he has been the best!
here are a few pictures hope you don't mind me sharing....
This is Jack in a few months ago!
Jack was a lucky Boy these are all his girlfriends
And these are just some of his Ducklings spring 2008
These are some more of Jacks ducklings spring 2009

Thank you for looking!


  1. Aw Sam - thats such a shame - I think you had said he was poorly in a previous post - thinking of you.


  2. Ah was he an old gentleman or did he get poorly? Either way sorry for your loss as he obviously was one of your babies, but I'm sure as his babies grow you will see some of him in them. Hugs Julye

  3. Thanks girls :0)

    Julye he was about 4 years old I am not sure how old ducks live to but he was our only male as we sold the rest in trio's so we did not have any fights, lol as you can really only have one dominant male per group. we have 7 females so maybe come late spring we will look for another male :)

    Thanks for your kind thoughts and words! :0)

  4. Sorry hunnie to hear of your loss. We do love our babies don't we. Cathy xxxx

  5. ohh shame.....we keep an allotment with a few hens and i am dreading the day when they die as we are really attached to them, they are a real friendly bunch!!lovely fresh eggs daily!!xx

  6. aww ,,, poor jack :-( ,,,, but,,, he had a good life ,, was loved and had lots of girlfriends and babies eh ,,, :-/ sending BIG HUGS xx

    Lols x x x


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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