Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sad news....

I have some sad news that I was not going to share but I feel that I need to as it will effect a few things that I would not be able to explain fully other wise... My fiancee's Father Passed away on Thursday and as my fiancee is the only Child of 6 that lives in the UK he has had to make a difficult journey to Sardinia on his own as we could only find flights for 1 seat at short notice and some of the tickets were £1500 per ticket. He caught a train at 6pm Thursday evening and the flight from Heathrow airport at 5am Friday morning in Sardinia they normally have the Funeral 24 hours after the death but they have held it off with permission for my fiancee for arrive... I am so sad for him his Father was a GREAT man. His Funeral is at 3pm today in Sardinia so that was 2pm UK time. I am sad that I too could not go to be with my fiancee and family. I will not go in to details as I feel it is not right to do so here! But what effects here are difficult and I come to my blog for support and to pass the time that he will be away, Thank you for blogland and the friends I have here. Thank you for listening :0) well reading.... Samantha


  1. oh Samantha - so sorry to hear of your loss and must be so hard as you were not able to go

    huge hugs to you both

    jane x

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your fiance in my prayers at this difficult time.

  3. Hugs babe, I know what a difficult time this must be - thoughts and prayers with you both. You know where I am if you need a furry absorbent shoulder. Love, Squirrel xx

  4. Hello Samantha, Im sorry to hear of your very sad news! I do not know you or your fiance but my heart goes out to you both. You must feel helpless there alone and unable to be with him. My Husband and I are inseprable at all times let alone if this were to happen, so, Samantha i'm sending a big hug to you and pray that you will cope apart until you are together again.
    Luv Lisa.xx

  5. What a very sad news thoughts are with you.......I understand that it's very hard that you couldn't go with your fiancee..........wish you strength!
    xxx Margreet

  6. I'm so Sorry for your Loss, and it's very difficult to be away from those you love in their time of need
    your in my prayers
    hugs Nikki

  7. So sorry to hear this awful news Samantha - this must be such a difficult time for your whole family. Thinking about you - please feel free to callif you need a chat. Hugs and best wishes
    Pauline x

  8. Hi my condolences and will be thinking of you and hope he will soon be back at home with you all. Take care. Sending big Hugs Sue xx

  9. Samantha I'm so sorry to hear this news.
    My thoughts and love are with you both xxx

    Carol x

  10. Sorry for your loss and that you couldn't be by your fianee's side, at least you know you will be there when he needs your support as he works through the whole grieving process which is often worse than the inital numbness period and I'm sure you will be a great comfort to him, and I'm sure he will feel your thoughts whilst he is away from you. Deepest sympathy and keep your chin up as there are still your four legged and feathered friends who need you here too Julye

  11. I'm so sorry for your loss...

  12. sending BIG HUGS XOXOXO

    Lols x x x

  13. Aw - thats so sad....have only just popped in - its cool that they held off the funeral so that he could get there. Sending you big hugs


  14. I´m so sorry about these sad news.
    In deepest sympathy,


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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