Wednesday, 11 November 2009

This weeks ABC Challenge mmmmm Yummi

It can't already be another 2 weeks since the last ABC Challenge, But it is!
This challenge is H is for Hidden and I well I have made a project but before I share it with you I have to tell you this true story!
Last week the phone rang at the shop and the guy on the end of the phone asked to speak to Sandra the owner... so as one does I asked who was calling? and the guy said its Steve from Radio Cumbria....!!
SO I passed her the phone and the message of who it was to see her face screw up and the look of who appear on her face. After a few minutes she said to him Oooooo its Samantha you need to talk to the blog its hers!
WELL I wanted to HIDE!!!! and thought of this challenge! te hehee! Hidden messages..
Anyway we chatted for sometime and basically he wants me to keep a 5 day diary of my life in Cumbria and what I get up too in a normal week! EKKKKKKKKKKKK! Normal! me!! ha ahhahaaaaa!! the reason he asked is he had read my blog and thought it was interesting and decided to give me a call the idea of the diary is that you keep it for the 5 days and then record it to be played on the radio! OMG! can I do it.... well I have kept the diary and he came to met me at work yesterday and we recorded it..... whats worse is that it goes out on the Radio next week!
ARGH! t ehehheee!
Soooo with this in Mind... Hiding... I will now share with you the project I have made for H is for Hidden I have made this cupcake and the hidden message is hiding inside
This is made from paper, flowers, a Styrofoam ball and other bits and bobs

Good enough to eat?

wanna make your own?

here's a link to the video of how to!

I have really enjoyed doing it but not a 2 minute job!

Can't wait to see all the hidden challenge projects everyone makes wanna if you wanna be in on the fun and also have a chance of winning a surprise package from our brilliant sponsor Lacey of Wags 'n Whiskers Rubber Stamps this time then wait no more get over to ABC challenge to see what its all about!


  1. This is fabulous Samantha......I thought it was real.

  2. this is such a cute project Samantha. So original and good enough to eat, I love it. I did get your email Samantha, Iv'e been slack and not answered as yet.Waiting to get paid to send out all the gifts

  3. Thanks girls Suzarte don't worry about it its not important really just wondered if you were ok as I had not seen you! :0)

  4. Samantha..this is just so fab and I am completely jealous of your talent and imagination!!!! Go Girl!!! and as for you Radio debut..I think you should record it for your other ABC teamies to hear!!!

  5. fantastic Samantha

    You must have loads of patience to make this

    hugs Jane x

  6. oooooo yummylicious, this is gorgeous.. didn't think it was paper and stuff on first sight.. you are so clever.. love it. hugs Rachxx

  7. OMGoodness!! I was getting ready to reach in and take a bite!! FANTASTIC!!! :0)

  8. Wowzer Samantha! This is stunning!!!!
    What a fabulous way to hide a message!!!!
    Thanks for the video link too...may just have to 'bake' one of these myself! lol
    Helen x

    PS - you will let us know when you're on the radio won't you...I'd love to listen online :0)

  9. WOW...this looks awesome. great job!
    Kaz xx

  10. Oh wow Samantha, now I can also say I know a celebrity in blog land. Well done on keeping the diary and recording it ... a huge achievement for you. Love your little cupcake with the hidden message ... wonderfully creative take on the challenge.

  11. thank you Samantha for an awesome project idea NOW this beats the cake! LOL!!!


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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