Saturday, 3 October 2009

Special candy that can cheer you up!

I have been to the Wedding dress shops today and Hmmmmm! I have to say that I was not impressed! infact I had a rubbish time..... Sound odd? well I am not a dress and shoe shop kinda gal I just shop for those things when I need to! not that I am a total desarster but its not something I really enjoy! shame really as I have 9½ months till I get married and I have not clue as to what dress I shall wear.... :0( ... maybe it was because I just felt rubbish but Hmmmm not sure I wanna go to any of the ones I went to today again either! on with the hunt but think I will wait till I feel better! HELEN!! think I might have to take up your and the PB girls offer of making a handcrafted dress!! be ok as long as I don't wear it out side right? Ok so on to some FUN!!!!! I popped over to suzARTe blog as she is one of my new DT buddies from ABC well I think you guys should get your selves over for a look as her blog is very inspiring and well also she has some wait for it...................................................... BLOG CANDY!! and its not just your normal blog candy either! its SPECIAL! Just for this month she is going to do things a little differently with her monthly blog candy. So get yourself over there for a look and there are plenty of chances of winning and also PLENTY of great things to see and read! so get your self a cuppa and stop by her blog.


  1. Oh no Sam, which shops did you go in??

    We have been around some this past few months as sil gets married in June as you know!! The one i liked best was called Capricorn. She just does it from home, and i felt at home with her, she knew her stock better than the other shops. Shame you didn't enjoy it! I'm sure you will find the right dress and you will look gorgeous! x x x

  2. Sorry you had a rubbish day...but I'm sure we can rustle you up something special...maybe we could make it the next PBFC challenge! lol
    There's no need to still have plenty of time...I'm sure you'll find the perfect dress :0)
    Helen x

  3. plenty of time to get your dress am sure the right one will appear very soon.


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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