Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Fantastic news!! oh & a card lol!

As some of you know I am getting married next year, and I had decided on my colours as
chocolate and blue and here's a sample so you can see what I was thinking!
OK well that's great and I had organised so far the colours for the flowers, Taylor's - Groom and lads outfits, venue - the linen and setting, the invites were coming together and other bits and bobs too! OK OK I here you asking what about the dress the most important part right?
We have been hunting for the perfect dress/dresses for ages and to my disappointment I could not find any dress that I liked for myself.... we have visited a few bridal shops a couple of them were really nice but just nothing that jumped out at me! one shop the staff could hardly be bothered to speak! did not stay there very long!
This week we had yet another appointment at a bridal shop and was starting to get quite disheartened as I had sat here for hours and hours looking at dress websites too! along with several different friends trying to help too find that perfect dress... anyway! we arrived at the bridal shop 30min late after getting stuck on a country road up behind several Huge lorries to be welcomed in by a lovely lady Joanne she was brilliant she listened to everything I said and then got out a couple of dresses to see if they were anything like I had said one was lovely (I loved this one but I never wear this colour) and its not the blue or brown! hmmmmm OK tried it on anyway as we were trying it for the style! great dress perfect just hmmmmm colour is it really the wrong colour? OK so several dresses later we slowly came to the idea that the Chocolate look horrid in a dress! and for the best girls dresses were a no no too yuk! Ekkkk! so no chocolate colour in the plan! so what about blue! A few more dresses with blue tones but they just made me look ill! Royal blue was nice with the trim but still not perfect!.... By this time another girl arrived with no appointment so Joanne rang her Mum who helps her run the shop and she was there in minutes! so there are now 2 of us trying different things on! it was such fun too! this is what I imagined it would be like when trying dresses! my other half was helping too! it was great! I know hes not supposed to be there but hey! its a wedding with a difference so why not!!? and I tell you this much he would be honest and not just say yeah what ever you think love!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo..... OK I was getting a bit overwhelmed by all the dresses so we decided to put back most all the dresses apart from 3 of them a brown, blue and the other dress I tried on first! I re tried the brown and the blue one and well I looked at my OH and we both agreed that these colours were not working! so I tried the first dress on once more came out from behind the curtain and the other girls that were there trying dresses looked as I looked in the mirror and Joanne mum said.... at the same time as my other half THAT'S the dress!! YIPPEEEEEE I just knew at that point this was the right one! BUT SHOCK set in as I realised I would have to go change everything we already did!! ekkkkkkk!! sooooo we sorted the best girls dresses and now we have to sort out everything else But..... Its gonna be fun cause WE FOUND THE DRESS!!! te hehehhe :0) and I am not telling the colour this time soooooo happy guessing!
If this is not enough good news! My other half has been offered a job today in town, He took redundancy a week ago as the place he worked for were cutting 55 jobs and we chatted about it and he decided to volunteer anyway he finished 10 days ago, he went for a few interviews and today was offered a job with one of the places!! YAY! :0)
I also made a card! will post it tomorrow as I am tired now I have written and re written this post several times to try and shorten it! PMSL! didn't work! lol
night night gang!


  1. Congrats on finding THE dress hun! Never mind about all the rest of it, so long as you look stunning! Sounds like you've had a hectic time of it lately. Huge hugs, Squirrel xx

  2. Hiya sweetie. My goodness, it sounds like you have been busy, but found your gorgeous dress and thats the main thing. Brilliant, and I am so pleased for you.
    Can I just say thank you for leaving a message on my blog. I know what you mean about challenges etc, but I dont understand how to link, copy or paste, its just gobbledegook to me. Sue (susieshines blog, bless her heart spent ages writing instructions for me, but I just couldnt follow it, and thats why I dont enter challenges etc.
    Thanks again.
    Love Sandra x

  3. Woo hoo you got THE dress! I'm so pleased for you hun!!!!!!! x

  4. yay! sounds like you went through a lot of work to find it, but it's worth it!! congrats, Samantha! can't wait to see all the pictures! (or for you to drop us a hint!)

    i'm going with some version of GREEN. :)

  5. Samantha! I didn' t know about your wedding!!! Congratssss, so happy for you! Chocolate and blu is a perfect and delicate combo!

  6. OOh after reading all that and keeping us in suspense you're not tellin !! I was almost expecting a photo of you wearing it !! OOhh we have to wait till next year ??? oohh :-)
    am sure everything will slot into place ,,, THE most important thing is yer frock :-)

    Lols x x x

  7. That's fantastic news! THE perfect dress is the MOST important thing. You can change everything else as long as you're happy with the dress. Ooooooh! would love to know the colour. At first I thought burgundy but then saw it's not a colour you usually wear, so maybe it is green, or bright red? Keep us in suspense hunny - we'll be dying to see the photos of the big day.
    Sharon xx

  8. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a day!

    Can't wait to see it - I reckon it's a beigey/creamy/goldy type of colour????????????

    So glad you've found THE one and are over the moon with it - and I bet you'll look gorgeous in it too :)

    Carol x

  9. wooohoooo fantastic news - happy to help with invbites / favours etc if you need a hand now xxx


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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