Thursday, 13 August 2009

A is for anything and a good job too!

I have had yet again another busy week and don't seem to find much time to play I have rescued one of our ducklings that did not hatch in time before the mother got of the nest so it was only part chipped in its shell so I hatched it by hand and brought it home to hand rear.... Here he/she is.... with her best buddy ted and one with me only 1 day old Here he/she is 4 days old I am saying he/she as we can not tell what sex he/she is until he/she is about 12 weeks old I have decided to call he/she Jojo as that is a unisex name :0) Ok so now you know one of the reasons I have been so busy so I found a spare few minutes to make a couple of cards and one I thought I would make for the Zero embellishment card over on ABC challenge.... Only to find I am running late and the challenge has already reached A !!!! OMG! so with the luck of a saint they have chosen A is for anything goes and good job I say! SO here is my card with Zero embellishments and a couple of mice! te hehehe now that is lucky that my card I made with mice! What do ya think?


  1. Samantha she's a duck ... has to go back to play with the others at the allotment!!!!! What will the bunnies and guineas think??
    She is cute though!
    Love the card - and no embellies - fab!!
    Thanks for joining in the ABC.
    Cathy xx

  2. Gorgeous card Samantha - love the embossed section. Those mice are adorable!

    JoJo looks beautiful too - will s/he be a house duck? That'd be cool!

    Carol x

  3. Awwww...this is so sweet Samantha...I love those little mice!
    Thanks for joining us at the ABC Challenge this week!
    Helen x

  4. This is fab Samantha, and that duck is so cute. I'm may be in your neck of the woods next week. If I get the chance I'll pop into the shop :D if I can convince hubby that is.

  5. aww Samantha Jojo is gorgeous aww, love your card the little mice as so cute and your colouring is beautiful, thanks for your birthday wishes hugs Jill xx


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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