Monday, 15 June 2009

Quack quack!

The ducklings today! I still can not get over how quickly they grow! Unfortunately we have had one died but we 8 and they are growing so fast! Here they are now.... 7 are nearly 4 weeks old and the little one is just over 3 weeks old. This is Diddy we do not know yet how many are male or female as you can not tell until they are about 8 weeks old but this little one was hatched by Mazie the duck that is looking after them all! unfortunately it was her other duckling that died. but we have called this won diddy as its the smallest. and it is smaller than the rest because it hatched 5 days later. This is a picture of the other adults we have... From Left to Right.... Jack, Lizzie, Daisy and Millie

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