Wednesday, 10 June 2009

difficult week

Well I have not been online much this last week! as we have had a few problems and as we all say sometimes home and work come before play.... just to get you a brief outline I have had 1 duckling die and my guinea pig Lulu has broken both her top front teeth on Saturday and Sunday! We have no idea why but the vet said this happens regular with guineas! and not to worry! humph! easy for her to say.... so we are having to cut everything so small and also hand feed her some of the food.
And I have been having trouble with my arm again, Doc said its arthritis! Arrrgh! anyway!!
Less of the doom and gloom!
I have had time to do a little crafting to relax of a late night!
and here are a couple of things I have made
I have only made a few things in the jewellery line! but I am inspired by my friend Helen and people that come into the shop! we had a lady in last week that bought some things to show us she had made and she had used memory wire and some of the beads I have also used! so thank you girls for your inspiration! This bracelet is made from memory wire and some beautiful Rico beads which we stock at the shop and also some cute shell shapes and a butterfly charm.
Thanks to my beautiful peony for adding the colour to the back ground of this photo.

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  1. Hope things pick up for you soon hun x


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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