Monday, 18 May 2009

The best day ever!!

I can not think of anything better than going to see my ducks and finding that Molly the chicken I showed you a few weeks back has started hatching the duck eggs!
Yes HATCHING!!! yay!! te heheee! I am sooooo excited!
Here's the first and only photo as I did not want to upset molly to much! but she is a good chicken and was happy for us to have a look, I will post more pictures as I can.


  1. is it a chuck or a dicken??? lol
    Helen x

  2. Soo cute!! Showed ellie and Beth ... they want to come and see them! Wow how many now!
    Cathy xx

  3. tht is tooooooooo cute!!


I really appreciate your comments thank you! hugs Samantha :0)

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